Bennett Knox

PhD Candidate, Philosophy, University of Utah

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at the University of Utah, working primarily in the philosophy of psychiatry under the direction of Natalia Washington. I believe that in order for the science of psychopathology to move forward, it must grapple with deep conceptual issues that require a philosophical approach. For instance, challenges from the neurodiversity and Mad Pride movements, critiques of the very concept of mental disorder, issues related to the proper way to understand psychiatric classification systems, and ethical issues surrounding psychiatric paternalism are all areas where contributions from philosophy are essential. My hope is that through my philosophical work I can help reshape psychiatry into a discipline that better serves the needs of those who require psychiatric care, and which does not overreach its proper bounds.

Recent News

I recently had my Jaspers Award-winning paper published, alongside commentaries by Awais Aftab and Anke Bueter, as well as my response to the commentaries.

You can hear me talk about this research on this episode of the Philosophy Exchange podcast, as part of a recent series about graduate students working on philosophy of psychiatry.

I've also recently written a post for Johns Hopkins University Press's blog, about the paper.